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Benefits of Joining

Online Traffic
In addition to the leverage from newspaper advertisements, there are also Malaysian parents and students who come to our web site by surfing the net. Therefore, you gain the advantage of two medium, offline and online. Both helps to increase your chances of getting hired as a tutor. We call this approach 'The Double Advantage'.

No Commission
When your profile is published online, parents and students can contact you directly, you don't have to pay any commission to tuition agents. However, you will have to deal directly with the parents and students without an agent as a middleman. Please take note, if you use the services of a middleman or a tuition agent, you have to pay commission.

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Tutor's Privacy

To protect your privacy, you have the option to show or hide your contact details. If you don't want your telephone no. shown on the Internet, you can hide your contact no.; interested parents/students can contact you via email. If you don't even want to display your email, you can hide your email as well. Parents/students can still send emails to you at our web site without knowing your email address. All these features are provided to the tutors to protect your privacy. Look at our sample profiles below to know how your telephone no. and email address can be hidden:

Show email
Show tel.
Show email.
Hide tel.
Hide email.
Show tel.
Hide email.
Hide tel.
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Our privacy policy for tutors and parents are very strict. TuitionPlaza.com takes privacy very seriously. Your information will not be disclosed to parents/students without your permission. We guarantee that your telephone number and address will not be disclosed to anyone without your permission.Your information will only be disclosed to the person of your choosing and at the moment of your choosing. We will ask permission from you with regards to the treatment of your information. This service is provided to tutors resident in Malaysia only.

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