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Dr Tan Jey Sern
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Pulau Pinang
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Form 1 - 3, Form 4 - 5, Form 6 / Pre-U
Tuition Subjects  
Maths, Add Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
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Saturday, May 02, 2020
Students nowadays need to be learn on how to solve a math of science question in a quick glance. They should be exposed to different approaches to a question and decide on which is the best solution that will get them across to the next stage. My job is to make sure your children do their best to their capabilities and guide them along the way to their finals at the end of the year.

I have thought Form 3 - 5 Maths, Form 4 - 5 Add Maths as well as Year 8 Science IGCSE students and made sure they are guided through the process of self discovering the solutions themselves. As an educator and with a PhD in Biomedical Science, I will do up to my best ability to use innovative ways for students to get interested in the subject itself. The students I work with is willing to learn and perform their own homework despite the steep learning curve.

If you believe your children can live up to the task, then please contact me and we can work on a schedule for your children.
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