IGCSE and SPM Science Tutor
Choon Ming Shan
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Tuition Level  
Form 4 - 5
Tuition Subjects  
SPM and IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
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Tuesday, June 16, 2020
I am very familiar with both SPM and IGCSE syllabuses as well as their exam structures and scoring techniques, as I have studied for both exams back then. My IGCSE results were: Mathematics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A, etc.
Furthermore, I focus on assisting my students to master certain topics by teaching them how to apply the knowledge instead of just learning the theories. Notes will only be provided if necessary, as I always advise my students to make their own notes, so that the knowledge they have learnt can be easily converted to a long term memory. In addition, I will also provide my own exam tips and make sure that my students are well prepared, before sitting for the actual exam, so that they are able to complete their exam confidently.
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