Maths : Step by Step
Nalakini Niranjana
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I only teach online classes
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Form 1 - 3, Form 4 - 5, Others
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Wednesday, March 31, 2021
I am a full time tutor and a part time teacher in an International School.

I am an experienced Maths and Add Maths teacher with about 26 years of teaching experience. I have guided students from grade 4 to grade 11 and I take pride in guiding them successfully in the subject.

I believe that every student can do Maths. This stems from my personal experience. I was very weak in Maths when I was about 15 and I used to fail Maths. I had a teacher who took me under her wing and she guided me and taught me Maths. I practised Maths everyday until I started to understand what I was doing. The more I understood, the more Maths became easy. The more Maths became easy, the more confident I got. Finally, I obtained an A grade in my country's national exam.

I know what it feels like to not understand a Maths question. The frustration of looking at a Maths questions and feeling like I am looking at some alien language that makes no sense. The loss of confidence when my friends can get correct answers and I cannot. I understand that a student can be weak in Maths or not know how to do some topics. And I know how to guide the student with examples, with practice and with patience until the student knows the subject matter.

Most important of all, I know that itís okay for a student to ask me something that they don't know or don't get as many times as they need to. And I will keep on teaching until they understand.
My strength is my years of experience in teaching the subject, in teaching various levels of students and in teaching different types of students. My strength is my patience.

I am comfortable with a having a trial class with a student.

I teach online using zoom and I usually teach giving as many examples as needed to ensure that the student understands the subject matter.

I would also give the student additional work on worksheets, Dr. Frost and CK12 and go through any school work that the student does not understand. Maths is about practice and the more a student practices, the better the student will be in Maths.

My teaching strategy is :
a. Teaching the student the basic concept/s in a topic
b. Doing questions with examples
c. Giving work on the topic via worksheet and online work
d. Going through the work given and guiding the student based on where they had made mistakes.
e. Going through past year questions for students taking national examinations.

The student would also be able to email me outside class hours with any concerns on Math
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