T U I T I O N     P L A Z A . C O M

If you want to attract a lot of students, you must know how to write your profile correctly. Here are some tips you can follow:
  • Tell people as much as possible about yourself
  • Include your best and highest academic qualifications
  • Let people know how experienced you are
  • Explain why they should choose you as tutor
  • State the places you can travel to, and whether you have your own transportation
  • Write the time and days you are available for tuition
  • Choose a profile heading that grabs attention
  • Check spelling and grammar
Consider your profile to be the first impression that students and parents will have of you. If you write a sloppy and boring profile, do you think they will be interested in you? Of course not! To write a interesting profile, you must be informative and persuasive. Think carefully before you write. Make many changes until you are fully satisfied. Spend time to create the best possible profile you can. Trust us, you will not regret this investment of your effort!

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... but don't just copy it. Write your own.

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